Gear21's PHP-QUOTE

PHPQuote v1.0 retreives Real-Time Stock Market Quotes from Yahoo! Finance, and puts them in a variable (a PHP Class) for easy display on your wesite.

As an example, here's the current RedHat Quote:
get_single_quote("RHAT"); print("

  • Symbol: $my_quote->Symbol
  • \n"); print("
  • Last Trade:$my_quote->Last
  • \n"); print("
  • Price:$my_quote->Price
  • \n"); print("
  • Change:$my_quote->Change
  • \n"); print("
  • Percentage Change:$my_quote->PercChange
  • \n"); print("
  • Volume:$my_quote->Volume

    "); ?>

    The PHPQuote Class

    Version 0.9 is fully functional, but limited in the options it performs. It will retrieve single quotes and put the information in a class with the variables:

    TODO and Contributions

    The upgrades planned for version 1.0 are:

  • Multiple Quotes (multiple ticker symbols for a single query).
  • Form Example (to demonstrate how to use a form for selectiong a symbol).
  • Contributions to PHP-Quote can be sent to We'll gladly accept quality upgrades, but they must fit under the GNU GPL License.


    You can download the current version here:

  • PHP-Quote_0.9.tar.gz
  • PHP-Quote_0.8.tar.gz (Previous Stable Version)


    v0.8 to v0.9

  • Added Error checking for page not found/server unavailable.
  • Added "Symbol Not Found" error checking for unkown ticker symbols.

  • PHP-Quote is free software from Gear21, Inc. - PHP and e-Business consultants. We'd appreciate a link to us if you use this software. Thanks!
    PHP-Quote is released with the standard GNU GPL License for open source software.